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LC90-1 Resize


LC90-2 Resize

Display :

  • Phase rotation indication by both audio and LED indicator, checking if  currents of three different ratings are in proper phase. Phase open-circuit  detection by indicator 

Features :

  • Test pin configuration for 10/100 base-T cable, 10 base-2 cable, RJ45 /  RJ 11 modular cables, AT & T 258A cable, EIA / TIA 568A / 568B cables  and token ring cables, etc 
  • Verify cable continuity, open, short and miss-wired 
  • Auto and manual scan function  
  • Ground wire test 
  • Locked status wire function  
  • Buzzer sound warning for defective wire detected 

Specifications :


Display LED
Connectors RJ-45 (8P8C) input / output
Power 9V battery
Cables types

unshielded twisted pair (UTP100, Cat3, 4 & 5)
foil-  screened twisted pair (FTP100 and  120, Cat3, 4 & 5 )    shielded twisted  pair (STP150 IBM  type 1 & 6)

Remote terminators sequence number #1
Function keys on/off, test, auto, lock, mamu, batt

130 x 56 x 38 mm (LxWxH)
72 x 23 x 24 mm (LxWxH) 

Weight about 250g
Recognize wiring schemes EIA/TIA-568-A/B, USOC, 10 (100) Base /  HUB, BNC/10 Base-2, 10(100)  Base-T, Token ring 

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Note :
1) Country of origin : Taiwan
2) Warranty : 1 year against manufacturing defects

3) All the above descriptions are subject to change without notice
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