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TM192 & 192D Resize

TM192 & TM192D

Applications : 

  • Triple LCD display to show X.Y.Z axis reading and plus average reading X+Y+Z / 3
  • An electromagnetic wave simply means the wave motion of the electromagnetic field (EMF)
  • This meter is applied to measuring electromagnetic fields of extremely low frequency (ELF) of 30 to 2000 Hz
  • It is capable of measuring the electromagnetic field radiation intensity that is produced from electric transmission equipment, power line, microwave oven, air conditioner, refrigerator, computer monitor, video/audio device and so forth
  • The magnetic field unit is Telsa(T), Gauss(G), milli-Gauss(mG) or micro-Telsa(uT)
  • 1T=10,000G, 1uT=10mG, 1G=1,000mG 

Functions : 

  • Switch between the display of micro-telsa and milli-Gauss is available
  • Max./Min./AVG reading 
  • Data hold (HOLD), max and min (MAX/MIN) Hold function
  • Low battery indication 
  • Overload indication "OL" 
  • Auto range
  • Auto power off 
  • Real time clock with calendar 
  • S torage up to 500 readings (TM192)
  • USB interface, 9999 records data logger (TM192D)  

Specifications :


 Display  4 digits LCD, max. reading 9999
 Range  20/2000mG, 2/20/200uT
 Resolution  0.1/1mG or 0.001/0.01/0.1uT
 Accuracy  ±(2.5% + 5 digit) at 50/60Hz
 ±(5.0% + 5 digit) at 30 to 2000Hz
 Sensor  triple axis
 Frequency response  30 to 2000Hz
 Sample rate  2.5 times per second
 Battery  9V
 Battery life  approx. 100 hours
 Operating temperature & humidity  5°C to 40°C, below 80% RH
  Weight  about 230g
  Dimension  173 x 80 x 32 mm (LxWxH)


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Note :
1) Country of origin : Taiwan
2) Warranty : 1 year against manufacturing defects

3) All the above descriptions are subject to change without notice

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