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Display :    

·  3-1/2 digits LCD with max reading 2000  


Features :

·  End-mount light sensor 

·  Select either power or transmission 

·  Select either W/m2 or BTU/(ft2*h) units 

·  Data hold/max/min modes 

·  Wire length of the remove sensor, approximately 1.5 metres (TM207

Applications :

· Solar radiation measurement

· Solar power research

· Physics and optical laboratories

· Identify high performance windows

· Simple to use general data

Specifications :


Display 3-1/2 digits, max indication 2000
Range 2000 W/m2, 634 BTU/(ft2*h)
Resolution 0.1 W/m2, 0.1 BTU/(ft2*h)
Accuracy typically within ±10W/m2 (±3 BTU/(ft2*h)) or ±5%, whichever is
greater in sunlight; additional temperature induced error ±0.38W/m2/˚C (±0.12BTU/(ft2*h)/˚C) from 25˚C
Drift < ± 2% per year
Over-input display shows "OL"
Sampling time approx. 0.25 seconds
Battery 9V
Battery life approx. 100 hours
Operating temp & humidity 0 to 50˚C below 80% RH 
Weight approx. 150g 
Dimension 130 x 55 x 39 mm (LxWxH) 

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(source : The Star 02/04/14)

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Note :
1) Country of origin : Taiwan
2) Warranty : 1 year against manufacturing defects

3) All the above descriptions are subject to change without notice
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