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3-Phase / Motor Rotation Meter

Model : TM601N

Functions :
- Display by LED indicators
- Check the 3 phase wires connection, L1-A-R, L2-B-S, and L3-C-T through the 3 red LED's to prove that each wire is connected correctly
- Check if L1, L2 and L3 are in connected to the 3 phase motor
- Check the motor's direction of rotation, and indicate "ER" (counter-clockwise) with a red LED and "OK" (clockwise) with a green LED
- Low battery indication

Specifications :
- CATIV 600V, CATIII 1000V
- Waterproof resist IP67
- Auto power off after 15 minutes
- Two 500 mA / 700 V fuses protection meeting the UL requirements

3 phase to phase inputs voltage

45 to 600 VAC

Signal frequency range

45 to 400 Hz

Test currents (in per phase) less than

Approx. 3.5 mA

Motor power

6 - 500 W


143 x 69 x 36 mm (LxWxH)


About 220g including battery

Power supply

9V battery

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Note :
1) Country of origin : Taiwan
2) All the above descriptions are subject to change without notice
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